Under the Radar

Some companies or organizations have to work in secret. Primarily organizations in foreign countries where free speech can bring you straight into prison or even get you executed. But there are also a lot of companies which want to found new top secret companies or structures to prepare hostile takeovers or other plans to trick their competitors. With my system you can run under the radar in total stealth mode while having a full user friendly experience and without knowing a lot about computers and servers.

What will you get?

I provide you a stealth system for you and your employees/members on which you can do your daily work just like on a normal computer or like sitting in an office with all your staff.  You just need a low speed internet connection to connect to the server. I can also code you custom software or do other customization. So you just need one guy. This makes the system a very high secured locked down unit. Impossible to be compromised unless you have internal leaks.

  • Tripple crypted drives (AES/Twofish/Serpent)
  • Anti-Rainbowtable checked main password
  • Foreign Server/Workstation location (Singapur,BVI, Russia, Japan or China)
  • Custom Proxys or VPNs with as many Bounces as you want
  • Crypted Hardware (Laptops, Computers, Storage devices)
  • Consulting on how to behave to be stealth
  • Intranet for sharing without using E-Mail/Hosters/Cloud Storage

Demo is not secured! This should just give you a quick overview of how the system looks for you as Enduser.


I WILL NOT TAKE CUSTOMERS WHO WANT TO USE MY SYSTEMS FOR TERRORISM OR CHILD PORNOGRAPHY etc.. I am just the IT Guy and can not be prosecuted for the actions my customers do with my offered system. I will not ask many questions, but if you are into terrorism or child pornography etc. i will do everything in my power to hunt you down…. IT-Nerd style.  Trust me, in the age of information, you don’t want an IT-Nerd to be your enemy.

Hi, schreib mir einfach ne kurze Nachricht, sag mir was du gerne haben möchtest und ich schau was ich für dich tun kann! Wichtig: Ich nehme meistens nur ca. 2-4 Kunden im Monat an, da ich ein Einzelkämpfer bin und möchte, dass die Kunden, die von mir betreut werden, einen 1A Service erhalten. Bitte mache davor schon Preisvergleiche und erkundige dich über andere Anbieter, denn ich kann nicht jeden, der sich nicht sicher ist ob er überhaupt was braucht, oder sich ohne wirkliche Kaufabsicht mal pauschal erkundigen will, stundenlang beraten und 100 Mails schreiben ohne, dass was dabei raus kommt. Null Runden als Einzelkämpfer sind uncool.